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If you would like help reclaiming a saline seep, two organizations available are your local Conservation District and Montana Salinity Control Association (MSCA).  Each one will coordinate activities with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and other agencies at your request to provide opportunities for financial and technical assistance.  See the Downloads page for details on the two USDA programs available. 

MSCA provides a ground water assessment and site-specific reclamation plan.  MSCA does charge for the ground water investigation; however, USDA cost-share is available.  There is no charge for the initial site visit with the producer to see whether and in-depth investigation is needed, or whether verbal recommendations are sufficient.  Working with MSCA is voluntary, as is implementing any of the recommendations.  MSCA can work with individual producers or small groups on the watershed level.

For more information, contact:

Montana Salinity Control Association 

P.O. Box 909

Conrad, MT 59425

email: msca@3rivers.net     phone/fax: (406) 278-3071

MSCA also sells Paul Brown Moisture Probes. Contact MSCA for details. Below is an application for assistance from MSCA.  You can print it out (From the Downloads Page) and return it to us.